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Mylife is the first life insurance portal in Latvia, where it is easy and convenient for customers to compare the offers of leading companies, get to know the value of life insurance and get all the necessary information in one place. Our goal is to emphasize the importance and benefits of life insurance while educating the public.

The service is provided by SIA "Apdrošināšanas un Finansu brokers" - one of the leading insurance brokerage companies in Latvia with more than 20 years of experience in the Latvian market.

AFB is a registered insurance brokerage company registered in the register of insurance and reinsurance brokers maintained by the Bank of Latvia (www.bank.lv) with a statutory capital of EUR 50,000.00 and an additional guarantee is provided to our clients by a Professional Liability Insurance policy with a liability limit of EUR 1 924 560.00. AFB has been a member of LABA - the Latvian Insurance Brokers Association (www.brokers.lv) since its establishment in 2000 and operates in accordance with its Code of Ethics, which ensures the highest standard of protection of clients' interests.

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Comparison of offers

Every insurance company has different rules, insurance coverage and exceptions, comparing them is a long and time-consuming process. MyLife is the only site in Latvia where you can compare the offers of leading companies and make your choice easier.


Invoices, insurance, credit - it all came together, so we want you to spend time on things you like. That's what Mylife's mission is - we save you time and money on boring things, so you have more time to plan your next vacation or long-cherished purchase.

We save time

Mylife customer data is stored in high security data centers. Any customer information is transmitted via encrypted channels. As well as our technical support independently monitors the security of the website.


Our team consists of industry professionals with more than 10 years of experience in insurance. We offer the most suitable solution for your needs for concluding an insurance contract, as well as you can count on our help during insurance events.


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One of the goals of MyLife was to make it easier for people to protect their family's financial future and get all the information they need about life insurance products in one place and in a simplified way - online, with approximate policy costs and just a few minutes. at a time. One of the main promises to customers is clear and honest answers, which will allow the customer to make the most appropriate decision.

MyLife's primary mission is to protect families by providing access to affordable, simple and understandable life insurance.

Policy guidelines regarding the integration of sustainability risks in insurance consulting.

SIA "Apdrošināšanas un finansu brokers" (hereinafter referred to as - the Broker), when providing the client with insurance advice on insurance investment products, takes into account the client's needs, interests and wishes in connection with the impact of the insurance investment product on sustainability factors and the integration of sustainability risks into it, for for which the client has informed the Broker, and helps the client choose the insurance investment product that best suits his needs, interests and wishes. When assessing the impact of an insurance investment product on sustainability factors and integrating sustainability risks into it, the Broker uses the information provided by the insurer that offers the relevant insurance investment product.

The Broker has not harmonized its remuneration policy with the integration of sustainability risks in order to comply with the prohibition of tying the remuneration system to sales goals or other aspects set out in Section 33, Part Four of the Insurance and Reinsurance Distribution Law, which could stimulate the Broker's employees to recommend a specific insurance product to the client, if the Broker can offer a different insurance product that better suits the client's interests.

In addition, the Broker, when organizing his insurance consultations on insurance investment products, also takes into account the following sustainability factors and sustainability risks:

1. The broker ensures respect for the human rights of all its employees and clients;

2. The broker ensures supervision of all its employees involved in insurance distribution so that they are not involved in corruption and bribery.

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